Our goal in creating TOUCHdown was to build a product that frees you from the nuisance of carrying a wallet, while protecting your privacy and fighting identity theft through our accurate fingerprint application and securenetwork.Your credit cards and government issued ID are stored encrypted on our network ready for you to pull up with the swipe of your finger.  Convenient and easy to use!

We designed TOUCHdown knowing that the payment cycle has two sides—both buyer and seller are susceptible to fraud. We use multiple authentication measures during the customers’ sign-up so merchants have a better “Know Your Customer” experience (see our merchant rewards). We also verify that each merchant is legitimate through multiple background checks before we release the application to them.

The idea behind our company is to reduce fraud through our accurate fingerprint identification system and secure network system. We’re offering people to pre-sign up at a heavily discounted rate through this Indiegogo campaign.

Imagine not having to worry about your wallet. TOUCHdown has reinvented the wallet so you can enjoy your life.

We are committed to preserving our customers’ privacy and do not engage in the practice of selling information.