What is TOUCHdown?

TOUCHdown is a virtual wallet that is designed for privacy-minded people who want freedom from the “stuff” you have to carry for transactions, such as credit cards, debit cards and identification cards.

To use TOUCHdown, the user swipes their finger or touches down on an approved, secure fingerprint reader to open their virtual wallet and select a card to pay with. This can be done at any merchant location that uses TOUCHdown, including online merchants.
How do I join TOUCHdown? What’s the process?

Our Indiegogo campaign is a platform that will allow you to “pre-sign up.” You can purchase a TOUCHdown membership now and then sign up later when we’re at locations near you (and/or at online merchants).

Once we create our online membership platform, a new user can enroll online with TOUCHdown with a government issued ID for verification, a selfie, the credit/debit cards they normally use, and fingerprint samples. Once enrolled, the new TOUCHdown user can transact anywhere TOUCHdown is used.

How does it work? What can I do with it?

To use TOUCHdown, the user swipes their finger or touches down on an approved fingerprint reader to open their virtual wallet and select a card to pay with. This can be done at any merchant location that uses TOUCHdown, including online merchants.

For now, TOUCHdown can be used for id verification and to make purchases.  We are also working on exciting possibilities for the future.

I have a fingerprint that is really hard for readers to detect.  Oftentimes it doesn’t get scanned at all.  Does your system have provisions for that?

There are some instances where a person’s fingerprint can’t be read. This can be caused by dry fingers, wet fingers, dirty fingers, a worn finger surface, poor finger placement, pressure on the sensor, or contaminants on the sensor surface—conditions that are common in real world use. These instances can be averted by using a multi-spectral reader. Multi spectral readers are the most accurate in capturing images and are the readers we recommend for commercial entities.

Where can I buy a fingerprint reader to use for online purchases and to sign up?

We are an authorized reseller of many different readers that can be used for TOUCHdown and we only carry readers that we feel are valuable in cost and performance. You can purchase a fingerprint reader (or several!) through our Indiegogo campaign. We have readers that work with Android devices (Lollipop) and PCs. We are compatible with and carry the following:

  1. Digital Persona U are U 400 X
  2. Authentic WBF readers
  3. Broadcom
  4. Cogent CS0200
  5. Crossmatch verifier 300 USB
  6. Digent FD1000
  7. Futronic FS80/FS88
  8. Integrated Biometrics
  9. Identix DFR500
  10. Identix DFR500FB
  11. Koehlke
  12. Lumidigm
  13. Next Biometrics NB-1010 U
  14. Precise 200/250
  15. Sagem 1300/1350
  16. SecuGenWBF Readers
  17. Suprema BioMini/Plus/S20
  18. Validity WBF Readers
  19. UPEK Swipe (Eikon)
  20. UPEK TouchChip

Is there an interface or an app for connecting accounts?

Within the TOUCHdown network, your fingerprint will be your key to any of the services or places on our network. We are exploring options for linking other accounts to your TOUCHdown account without affecting your privacy or security.

How is it safe?

TOUCHdown protects both data at rest and in transit. For security purposes, we won’t reveal our methods of protection. However, we assure you that we use industry best practices for security. Our ultimate standard is for our customers’ information to be secure and private.

How is TOUCHdown different from other virtual wallets?

The most notable difference between TOUCHdown and mobile wallets is that it doesn’t require a device.  Users truly have a way to pay without having to carry a phone, wallet or card.

An important difference from the merchant standpoint is TOUCHdown offers more security from fraud; fingerprint identification equipment at the POS deters fraudsters from attempting to make purchases. We also use multi-factor authentication at the POS so the merchant can identify their customer.

Can it work with Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Paypal?

No, Google Wallet and Apple Pay are both mobile wallets that use a smartphone (Android or iOs) for payments. PayPal, like TOUCHdown, is a digital wallet but requires user login for access, whereas the key to access your TOUCHdown account is your unique fingerprint.

Does TOUCHdown insure against fraud?

TOUCHdown is committed to fighting fraud and makes every effort to prevent fraud from occurring. However, because there are so many factors involved in fraud, we cannot reasonably insure against it.

Where can I use it?

TOUCHdown can potentially be used anywhere one might need an ID or wish to make a purchase.  We are always looking for new venues to carry TOUCHdown and welcome users’ suggestions.  We are currently setting up a rewards program for merchant referrals. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for future details on our rewards program.

How much does it cost? Is there a free trial?

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25 ($20 during our IndieGogo launch period) with a 3-month trial period. After that, there is a monthly fee of $10.

I purchased the enrollment on your IndieGogo page. Do I have to sign up right away?

No. We are building a network of merchants online and in your area. Want to be a part of the “excelling your life” movement?  Let us know where you’d like to use TOUCHdown. We will be offering a merchant referral rewards program.

If you purchase an enrollment on our Indiegogo campaign, your account won’t expire and you can sign up whenever you’re ready. Once we have enough online and in-store merchants using TOUCHdown, we will start allowing the sign-up process to happen. Think of our Indiegogo campaign as a “pre-sign-up.”

I don’t have a credit or debit card. Can I still use TOUCHdown?

Yes, you can still use the ID verification features. We are also working on adding other options for your TOUCHdown account in the future.