How does TOUCHdown work?

TOUCHdown is a unique product from IDentity Check that provides customers with easy access to their debit and credit cards through their fingerprints. For non-online merchants, customers go to your venue and on the hardware we provide to you, they swipe or press down their finger on our readers. Their verified government identification and another “selfie” image will pop up on your screen for extra authorization. Once their purchase total is inputted in the system, your customer chooses the card they would like to use from a drop-down menu on the screen. Funds will be deposited to your store’s account as specified in your agreement.

How can TOUCHdown protect me and my customers?

As a merchant, you know that the more your customers are at risk for identity fraud, the more it affects your business. Protecting customers is not only the right thing to do, but an important aspect of running a successful business.

Security is central to TOUCHdown’s mission of fighting fraud. To protect our network’s merchants and customers from breaches and other cyber perils, we use multiple levels of encryption, tokenization and next generation security technology, along with a military-grade approach to cybersecurity.

We know that credit card fraud is a major and growing problem for merchants–especially if you have an online business. We protect merchants from credit card fraud by ensuring that every card enrolled by a customer is authenticated and verified.

Is TOUCHdown its own point of sale system?

Not yet.  TOUCHdown is starting life as a virtual wallet that can be used as a payment facilitator in POS systems or on a merchant’s mobile device.  We are currently considered “card not present,” but are working on a “card present” status. Our goal is to reduce fraud and then negotiate lower fees for our merchants. As for becoming our own POS, that is in the works and we welcome our merchants’ input on what they want to see in their POS.

How does TOUCHdown benefit my store?

TOUCHdown is here to excel your life! We are the wallet your customers don’t need make a purchase.  Have you ever forgot your wallet or lost your phone? Seen a customer experience this? TOUCHdown users won’t have to worry about this again.

We are also the wallet that gives you, the merchant, on-the-spot ‘Know Your Customer’ with our multifactor authentication at the point of sale. The credit cards accessed from our customers’ wallets are already verified as legitimately theirs not something bought on the black market.

PLUS: Everyone loves an early adopter! But aside from being on the forefront of the TOUCHdown movement, we also offer many perks and benefits for our Early Adopter Merchants. On top of being invited to and promoted at our launch party and all through the launch, we promise to promote your company for free for the remainder of our partnership. That means, if you sign on early and stay with us for 50 years, we will continually tout your company for free over social media, through the press, over interviews, and through any other way we can think of. This will be included in our contract with you.

We are also huge fans of parties, and so we will use our partners’ venues for our release parties, promotional parties and much more. Not only will you receive free marketing, you’ll be on the right track to getting one of the best point of sale rates in the future and you’ll be known as one of the first TOUCHdown merchants in your area!

How do I get TOUCHdown in my store?

Because we need to protect our customers (and yours as well), we will need to run a full background check on your company to ensure you’re legit. To get the process started, please contact us and we can let you know the next steps.

What are the costs for merchants?

For the time being, until we become our own POS, there is a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee. We are using Stripe and passing on their charge—we make nothing on this. Non-online merchants will also need to pay for the hardware used in their venues. These costs vary, depending on your needs. We are an authorized fingerprint reader reseller, and therefore offer discounted prices on those.